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Local in essence but global in outlook, Citi Housing is a conscientious corporate citizen fully aware of its responsibilities towards our employees and the communities we operate in. Therefore, Citi Housing is committed to reshaping not only lifestyles but changing lives as well, by contributing our bit towards promoting education, healthcare, financial support and arranging free food for the underprivileged segments of our society. Internally, we have a policy of providing free food for our staff and pension / financial support in case of onsite accidents and deaths of employees.

Citi Housing is pursuing this policy of Corporate Social Responsibility with an understanding that this is just a start of our journey. So, we are open to ideas and initiatives from individuals, entities, NGOs, and government bodies to work in unison with them who share our dream of building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.


Feeding the hungry is the greatest service to humanity. Therefore, Citi Housing is operating Dastarkhwan to provide free food in a respectable and hygienic environment to almost 9000 people 3 times a day. Our Dastarkhwan network is operational in 9 cities including 2 in Sialkot, 2 in Faisalabad, 4 in Gujranwala and 1 in Jehlum. 2 more Dastarkhwan projects are about to be started in Multan.

In addition we are providing free meal to our workforce at every project site and our office across Pakistan.


Due to poor basic healthcare and medical facilities, Pakistan ranks amongst the nations with the highest infant mortality rates, maternal deaths at the time of delivery and deaths caused by controllable epidemics.

Citi Housing has started a dispensary in Sialkot where people are given free medical treatment and awareness on different seasonal diseases for effective preventive measures. We are arranging periodical free medical camps to address a range of diseases effecting pregnancy, eyes, liver and diabetes. Relying on the success of this initiative we are going to expand our network of free dispensaries to other cities and villages of Pakistan.


Pakistan has a poor literacy rate, even among the neighboring countries. Lack of education and enlightenment endangers the very social fabric. It leads to unemployment, backwardness, crime rate, and overall sense desperation among the youth.

Citi Housing has set up schools in Addu Rai and Kot Baqir to provide not only free of cost quality education but free books and meals to our students in these two villages. We have a conviction that the students of these schools will play a constructive role in the national economy.


Through job creation in our mega projects in the real estate sector, Citi Housing is playing a vital role in alleviating poverty in Pakistan by giving people opportunities to earn respectable living for their families. In addition, we are also pursuing a financial assistance in the form of monthly stipends for disabled, widows and the needy in the poorest parts of the country.


Citi Housing regards its workforce as its greatest asset. Therefore, we have a policy of paying compensations for a team member’s accidental death on duty. We pay lifetime pension in the form of monthly stipend for the bereaved family and arrange for the employment of at least one family member with Citi Housing. We follow this policy purely on humanitarian grounds fully realizing that the loss of a family member can never be compensated with any amount of money.

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