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Means the area of operation controlled by the Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd or the area shown in the Master Plan of the Citi Housing and includes any extension or modification effected therein, from time to time.

Means plan for the building or lay out plan approved by the Competent Authority in accordance with these By-Laws.

Means the joining of two or more adjacent plots of the same land used in accordance with these By-Laws.

Includes the structural or other physical alteration for making an addition/deletion or other changes in a building.

Means laws and regulations approved by the Competent Authority of Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd

Means a roof or platform projecting from the walls of the building surrounded by a railing or parapet walls.

Means the lowest story of a building partially below ground level.

means a house, out-house flats, block of flats, latrine, privy, verandah, fixed platform, plinth, shed, hut or other roofed structure whether masonry, brick, wood, mud, metal or other material, and any part thereof, and includes a wall (other than boundary wall not exceeding seven feet in height and not abutting on a street) but does not include a tent or other portable & temporary shelter which does not have any foundation.

Means a line beyond which the outer face of a building except boundary wall must not be projected in the direction of any street existing or proposed.

Means the department authorized to inspect any building during/after construction w.r.t by-laws checking/implementation.

means the department authorized to approve building plans

Means the area marked in Master Plan as Commercial. It also includes the area reserved for Petrol Pumps / Filling Stations.

Means an area forming integral part of the plot, left open to the sky including thickness of boundary wall.

Means, center of the road in front of the house / building.

Means a building existing on the date of the commencement of the plan.

Includes the structural alterations for making any additions to a building.

Means a structure made of steel tubes, fixed to pillars of the porch, having fabric covering which has the arrangements for its opening (extension) & closing using gears / handles & any other such means.

Means the paved area attached to road / located at some distance from plot’s front boundary wall. Foot path area can never be included as part of ramp. Ramp will end at the starting edge of foot path (from plot to road), with proper drainage.

In case of plot abutting on more than one road, frontage will be confirmed by “Design Studio”.

Means an open, covered walk-way, a long passage or underground passage.

Means the plan showing the layout of the area.

Means No Demand Certificate.

Means No Objection Certificate.

Means which are created due to adjustment in town planning of an area.

Means a wall, whether plain, perforated or paneled, protecting the edge of a roof, verandah or terrace.

Means a recreational area which may include all or any of the following facilities:

  • Jogging tracks / Walk-ways.
  • Water features like lakes, fountains, gushers etc.
  • Restaurants or cafeterias or food stalls.
  • Aviary (Cages for birds) etc.
  • Tube well.
  • Public toilets.
  • Any other recreational facilities (outdoor).

Means an area enclosed or unenclosed, covered or open, sufficient in size to park vehicles in front of the commercial as well as public buildings as specified in the Master Plan or as recommended by the authority thereafter.

Means a structure with perforated roof consisting of cross bars in the form of reinforced concrete, wood or steel etc. of which almost 50% of roof is open to sky.

Means the portion of building between ground level of site & finished floor level of the building.

Means a zone earmarked for buildings exclusively designed for human habitation & in no case shall it include its use in whole or a part thereof for any other purpose e.g. shops, clinics, office, workshops or stores etc. But it shall include such outhouses as are ordinary ancillary to the main buildings & used in connection therewith. It also includes parks, gardens, play-grounds & other open spaces.

Means an independent unit consisting of rooms for human habitation.

Means a qualified Architect / Engineer registered with the respective council.

Means a tank in which sewage is collected & decomposed before it is discharged into the public sewer or soakage pit (only for basement).

Means an outer side projection from the building over a minimum height of 7 feet from the plinth level providing protection from sun / weather.

Means the area of road including shoulder / berms between two opposite boundary walls of row of houses / shops.

Means provision of shops on the ground floor & basement with the facility of offices / flats on the first & second floor & basement with the facility of offices / flats on the first & subsequent floors.

means a roofed gallery, terrace or other portion of a building with at
least one side open to courtyard or a permanent opening

Means tank constructed of R.C.C. for water storage.

means a person whether owner or legal, who owns the property in shape of plot or a house in Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd.

Means a covered area in prescribed size to cover stairs to roof top of a house.

A word or term used in these laws but not defined shall have the same meaning as in the By-Laws.


The members shall ensure that they do not indulge in any violations of the town planned area such as encroachments of neighbouring plot, roads etc.

  • The Citi Housing will provide electricity, gas, telephone (through GEPCO, Sui Northern and PTCL respectively), roads, water supply and sewerage etc. In the event of a violation of any bye-law of the Citi Housing by the member, the management reserves the right to disconnect all the services immediately & take other punitive measures which should discourage recurrence of such incidents.
  • Members should plan their houses keeping in view the existing services at site, as these will not be shifted. Location of porch is specific with reference to plot (either left or right) & is not optional.
  • Members are not allowed to remove any plant / tree by themselves. Heavy penalty will be imposed on any such action.

The plot shall be strictly utilized for the same purpose for which it has been allotted. To preserve the sanctity of planning, no deviation shall be permitted. Commercial activity (Clinic, Office etc.) is not allowed in residential buildings in any circumstances.

Nobody is permitted to dig or cut the road space / footpath including verges unless given prior written permission by Building Control Department. On damaging road space / footpath, Citi Housing Management may impose any penalty as deemed necessary.

  • All corner plots will be splayed by 10 feet on either side from the corner. For corner plots with size of 5 Marlas, splayed portion will be 5 feet.
  • Members are required to chamfer the splayed portion as mentioned in approved drawing.
  • No plantation is allowed at corner to provide clear visibility for traffic.

Erection of Commercial Hoardings on, along or inside the plot / building in the residential zone is not permitted.

After getting “Design Approval Certificate” from “Design Wing”, the members are required to make an application for demarcation along with depositing Utility Connection Charges of the plot on the prescribed from to the Building Control Department at least three days prior to such demarcation.

Citi Housing shall not be responsible for levelling of the plot, should there be any ditch, unevenness, extra depth or abnormality in the plot.

  • If a member wants to plant any tree in front of his / her house, he / she will contact Maintenance / Horticulture department for marking of location for such plants.
  • Members will not grow any vegetation / trees so as to encroach / occupy the space or block the road or reduce the openness of areas which may affect the aesthetics of the Citi Housing & create obstruction to the visibility. The Citi Housing reserves the right to remove such vegetation at the risk of the defaulters.
  • Member may have flower beds outside the boundary wall along it. Edging of it at the outer size using bricks or other similar material is allowed. Maximum width of flower bed shall not exceed 2 feet from boundary wall whereas height of edging shall be restricted to a maximum of 12 inches from the level of edge of footpath. Only flowers & small plants shall be allowed to be planted in these flower beds. No flower bed with edging is allowed perpendicular to the boundary wall.

Users will have to observe the rules, regulations & instructions of the Departments whose services are utilized i.e. PTCL, GEPCO & SNGP etc.

  • Application for water connection shall be made on the prescribed form to the Building Control Department. The applicant shall also be required to pay water connection fee & security fee as fixed by Citi Housing Management.
  • The consumer shall pay for the supply of water as per meter reading or flat rate as decided by Citi Housing Management.
  • Special rates of supply of water, as decided by the Citi Housing Management, shall be charged for new construction, addition or alteration etc.
  • The owner of the premises shall be liable to make the payment of any arrears with penalty or fine imposed by the Citi Housing Management.
  • No person is permitted to install motor / pump on the water supply line.
  • Citi housing (Pvt) Ltd management will not provide water connection for construction. The members are required to have motor installed for this purpose.
  • The drilling will be carried out within the limits of boundary wall of house being constructed.
  • An overhead & underground water tank must be provided & must be R.C.C, & having the following capacities:-
Plot Size Width Length Depth Total Volume
   5 Marlas 3 ft 4 ft 2.6 ft 30.0 cuft
   10 Marlas 5 ft 5 ft 2.6 ft 62.5 cuft
   1 &2 Kanals 5 ft 5 ft 4.0 ft 100 cuft
  • Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd shall provide the facility to connect the completed house to the network of sewerage system. Connection cost shall have to be paid by the member as decided by the Citi Housing Management by time to time. Member shall construct a septic tank and maintain it effectively in order to help in running the sewerage system efficiently.
  • The minimum size of the a septic tank is as under:-
Plot Size Depth Length Width
   5 Marlas 4 ft. 3 Inches 8 ft 4.0 ft
   10 Marlas 4 ft. 3 Inches 8 ft 4.0 ft
   1 Kanal 4 ft. 3 Inches 9 ft 4.6 ft
   2 Kanals 4 ft. 3 Inches 9 ft 4.6 ft
  • The drain would be linked to service sewer through septic tank.
  • Application for Electric meter, Sui gas & Telephone connection shall be made through Building Control Department at start of the construction for timely connection.
  • Citi Housing management will facilitate the members to get the utility connection through representative. However, if for any reason, the facilities being provided by the Concerned Government Department are delayed, management shall accept no liability.

The building plan submitted for approval (along with soft copy) should clearly indicate the following:

  1. External dimensions of building with & without extended portions.
  2. Schedule of open / covered areas, North Point, adjacent plots, block / Phase, plot number etc.
  3. Thickness of RCC / RB components.
  4. Position of proposed drains, fire place, kitchen & gutters etc.
  5. Internal dimension of all rooms.
  6. The purpose for which the building is intended to be used (Commercial / Residential).
  7. Dimension of all components.
  8. Specification of all components indicated on the drawings.
  9. Plan of services like water supply, sewerage etc.
  10. Location of kitchen grease trap.
  11. Layout of water supply including underground & overhead tanks.
  12. Layout of sewerage system & cross section of septic tank.
  13. Details of construction of ramps (cross section)
  14. Total height of the building.
  15. Indication of clear distances.
  16. Cross section of boundary wall towards road.
  17. Levels of road, ground & plinth.
  18. Schedule of doors & windows.
  19. Foundation details
  20. Specification of foundation & plinth, super structure, roof, joinery, floor, plinth protection finishing & plaster etc.
  21. Site plan of the plot including width of road & key plan of layout of buildings.
  22. Plan & Elevation at the minimum scale of 1” = 8’.
  23. Sectional drawings at the minimum scale of 1” = 4’ or 1” = 8’.
  24. A duly signed & stamped letter / certificate from a PCATP Registered Architect & copy of PCATP registration, certifying that all components of the building have been designed by him or rechecked in case the same have been originally carried out by someone, other than the approved Architect. A sample of submission drawing is attached at the end.

The applicant / owner shall on demand produce details of the Structural Designs / Calculations in order to ensure the safety of buildings.

No construction, addition or alteration etc. shall be allowed unless drawings are approved by the Design Wing & sanctioned by the concerned Government Authority. Any alteration in “Approved drawings by Government Authority” are required to be re-approved by Design Wing after submitting “Approval of Drawing” charges again.

Any oversight in the scrutiny of documents & drawing at the time of the ‘NOC’ or approval & sanction of the building plan does not entitle the owner to violate the by-laws. Building Control Department/Design Studio reserve the right to revise approved drawings & interfere during / after construction & modify any built structure including demolition of structure or part of it, as per by-laws.

  • Every member intending to carry out building work entirely new or involving addition or alteration shall engage a PCATP licensed Architect. Architect is required to issue a letter on letterhead mentioning his / her office address / details & PCATP registration number, along with Drawings.
  • Architects are required to contact the City Housing regularly for any change in by-laws, policies & procedures in order to avoid any inconvenience & difficulties to the member.

The approval of building plans shall stand automatically revoked, after the expiry of the building period specified for the plot, or after three years of sanction whichever comes first.

Fresh sanction alongwith scrutiny fee shall be required after the expiry.

Two or more plots of the same user may be combined for the purposes of constructing one or more buildings subject to the condition that all such plots are owned by the same members after submitting the requisite fee. If at any later stage the sub-division is again done then the building period charges will have to be paid for the sub-divided plots from its original date of expiry of building period of approved plans.

  • Subdivision shall not be allowed for a plot of less than 2 Kanal.
  • Subdivision of 2 kanals plot is permissible subject to the fulfilment of space requirements of original plot & prior approval of the sub-division plan from the Competent Authority. The resultant subdivided plot shall not be less than 1 Kanal.

Owners shall leave the following minimum clear spaces (excluding boundary wall) for each category of plot:-

Note: In case of 5 Marla Plot a Toilet / Bath room not exceeding 40 sq ft in area & 8 ft in height can be constructed in the rear corner towards the dead wall as an integral part of main building.

For odd shaped / substandard plots, requirements of clear spaces can be obtained from Building Control Department.

  • Maximum height of Residential building of any type shall not exceed 38 ft measured from crown of the road including Stair Case / Mumtee.
  • O.H.W.T should not be constructed on Stair Case/Mumtee.
  • First floor if construction is envisaged on the first floor, covered area of first floor shall not exceed 75% of the total permissible area of ground floor, irrespective of the area covered at the ground floor; the second floor shall not be permitted. However for 5 Marla Plot 100 % area of ground floor may be covered at first floor.
  • Folding shelter can be used to extend car porch maximum of 6 feet from the edge.
  • No balcony shall be made on the side.
  • Maximum no. of porches which may rest on boundary wall
    • 2 Kanal x Two
    • 1 Kanal x One (Corner Plot Can have two)
    • 10 Marla or less x One

A car porch not exceeding 20-ft in length shall be permissible in the side space. In case of sites with minimum 5-ft side space, construction of a room over the porch equal to its area shall also be permissible.

  • The maximum height of boundary wall shall be 7ft from crown of the road.
  • Before starting main building, boundary wall shall be got checked at ground level.
  • The gate of the house of a CORNER plot shall NOT be provided in the chamfered portion of the boundary wall.
  • All corner plots shall be splayed on both sides from the corner. Plots of 5 Marla’s shall be splayed by 5 ft & 10 Marlas or larger size plots shall be splayed by 10 ft.
  • The minimum area of a room meant for human habitation shall be 100 sqft having a minimum width of 8 ft.
  • The minimum floor area of a kitchen shall be 50 sqft having a minimum width of 6 ft.
  • The minimum height of any habitat room from finished floor level to the roof ceiling shall not be less than 9 ft 6 inch.
  • Inter floor shall only be permitted in rooms other than those meant for purposes, such as bath rooms, stores, kitchens, pantries, passage & garages etc., if combined with the main building.
  • A minimum clear height of all the rooms referred in (b) above shall be 7.6 ft and the inter floor shall have a minimum clear height of 5.6 ft.

The maximum size of Stair Case / Mumtee will be within permissible height as follow:-

  • In case of houses, the minimum area of the basement shall be 100 sq ft & shall be constructed after leaving the mandatory open spaces required under these by laws. However a minimum of 5 ft space shall be kept clear towards the dead walls.
  • That the foundations of the basement shall not intrude into the adjoining properties.
  • Construction of basement is optional for residential building.
  • The top of plinth of the buildings shall not be less than 2 feet from the crown of the road, in case of building without basement and 3 feet-6 inch in case of building with basement.
  • Lawn level/top of ramp and clear spaces shall be 6 inch higher than the corner of the adjoining road in order to have smooth slope of ramp. Ramp shall be made as per approved plan.
  • Ramp will start from internal edge of foot path (towards plot) with a mandatory drainage covered with grating. For plots with no foot path on their front, ramp will start at 5 ft measured from outside of boundary wall.
  • Space between ramp & road will be in plain concrete at road level.
  • Members are required to provide two PVC pipes of 2’’ diameter under the ramp, 3 feet below ramp level for repairing / maintenance of services.

Every toilet, water closet, urinal stall & bath room shall be provided with day lighting & ventilation by means of one or more openings in external walls having a combined area of not less than 2 sq ft per water closet, urinal stall or bath room & such opening shall be capable of allowing free un-interrupted passage of air.

No relaxation in Building Regulations / By- Laws shall be allowed.

The Management of Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd may take suitable decisions on any matter arising as a result of doubt, interpretation of Building By laws or such matters which may not have been specifically mentioned in them.

Members can make a temporary room for storage of materials in any adjacent vacant plot, keeping in view that it can be removed at one week notice. All members particularly the builders are expected to respect the privacy of the neighbouring area during construction.

Members are bound to get construction checked from the Building Control Department at the following stages in order to avoid violation of By-Laws etc:-

  • When the layout is complete before starting the excavation. After completing excavation & before after demarcation of the boundary wall and main building before starting the digging.
  • After excavation i.e before starting the masonry work of the foundation.
  • On completion of boundary wall at DPC level.
  • On completion of main building walls at DPC level.
  • Once the building walls are at 7ft height i.e lintel level.
  • On completion of Ground Floor wall upto ceiling level but before shuttering.
  • Before pouring concrete of Roof Slab of Porch and Ground Floor.
  • On raising of First Floor structure 3ft above the roof of Ground Floor.
  • Once First Floor wall are at 7ft height i.e Lintel Level.
  • On completion of First Floor Walls upto ceiling but before shuttering.
  • After shuttering of First Floor before pouring concrete of Roof Slabs.
  • After shuttering of Mumti/Stair case before pouring of Roof Slabs.
  • Before starting construction of U.G.W.T, O.H.W.T, Septic Tank and Ramp.
  • After completion of the house but before occupation.

Citi Housing through its authorized officers will exercise continuous vigilance & may inspect the premises at any time during execution of work or any time after completion. If on such inspection, it is found that the building works contravene any of the rule or By-Law, Citi Housing shall give due notice to the member with the object of bringing the works in conformity to the plan approved or with-hold the work till such time the amended plans are approved. In the event of non-compliance, the work shall not continue further & Citi Housing reserves the right to disconnect or refuse any or all the services as per decision of the Management.

On completion of a building, the owner will apply for Completion Certificate through an application to Building Control Department. Completion Certificate will not be issued to incomplete building.

  • The members shall not violate construction by-laws. The member is personally responsible to get the building & site checked against violations by the relevant staff (building inspectors). Any delay in checking the building at specified stages for any reasons, does not entitle the member to violate the construction by-laws. The variations & deviations shall be liable to be demolished at the risk & cost of the member. Citi Housing Management is empowered to take strict punitive action in addition to disconnection of services so as to preserve the sanctity of planning & parameters. Defaulter shall be liable to fine which may extend to (No Limit) depending on the gravity of the case. Some of the violations are as under:-
    • Sewer: Connecting a house sewer to main network without the knowledge of Citi Housing staff is unauthorized. Members are advised not to open the plug & join the sewer themselves.
    • Improper Ramp: Whereas according to the by-laws, ramp slope must flush with the internal edge of footpath. Improper slope is not allowed.
    • No water point / taps will be left outside the boundary wall.
    • Permanent fence is not permitted. Hedge in any form is not permitted outside boundary wall.
    • Earth filling outside the compound wall will not be above the adjoining berm level.
    • No permanent Sentry Post will be made with bricks involving masonry work in front open area.
    • Members should avoid damaging the road by placing materials, mixing concrete, cutting / bending steel bars on the road, placing mixer on road berm, also by filling area outside the boundary above the road level & block flow of water. Heavy fine is applicable for such violations.
    • Open space violations. Some members try to reduce clear spaces while carrying out construction which is not permitted. Any such violation is subjected to demolition.
  • No construction is permitted without the prior approval of Building Control Department. Any Citi Housing member involved in any such act is liable to a penal action.

The approving authorities reserve the rights of rejecting the plans or suggesting any modification which though may not contravene the laid down building by-law but are injurious to the interest of the Citi Housing or to its members.

If any service of Citi Housing is obtained out of the area other than included in Citi Housing, the services to the member or defaulting premises from where the
connections are drawn will be disconnected and besides a fine will also be imposed by the Management.

Members must exercise utmost care & take all precautions during construction of their house to avoid any damage to neighbouring houses / properties. In case of any damage due to negligence of the member or his representative contractor, the member shall make good such loss to the satisfaction of the neighbour.

The members or the residents shall be bound by the decisions & directions of the Management, failing which they shall be liable to be penalized according to the
gravity of the offence which may include the disconnection of any or all services. Management reserves the right to revise any kind of dues / charges from time to

Members are strongly advised to carry out proper termite proofing from a competent company.

Members are required to follow the following steps to stream line the construction process on their plots:-

  • Contact “Building Control Department” to obtain copy of by-laws & site plan after depositing the requisite fee to finance department. For this purpose following documents are required:-
    • Copy of Allotment letter
    • Copy of CNIC of member.
    • Deposit slip of fee.
  • The members will submit copy of submission drawing along with soft copy, 3D coloured image & letter from Architect as mentioned in Section III of these By-Laws. The member will taken get a “Design Studio Approval Certificate” from Design Studio and submitted the same to Building Control Department.
  • The member will taken be given possession of his plot for construction purpose after depositing all dues i.e. approval of drawing, TMA fee & utility connection charges & all other fees imposed by the Citi Housing.
  • Contact “Building Control Department” from time to time during different stages of construction as mentioned in these By-Laws.
  • Contact “Building Control & Design Department” for getting “Completion Certificate” of the house once it is finally completed in all respects. At such
    time, an application is required to be submitted to “Customer Services Department” for getting the sewer connection linked / opened to main sewer
    line & also the water connection.
  • Building constructed by Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd for any purpose may be exempted from these regulations.
  • The Competent Authority may also wave off the application of these by-laws in special cases of research & new form of construction at its discretion.

Citi Housing (Pvt) Ltd management is competent & has power to amend & relax these by-laws from time to time as it may deem necessary in the given circumstances. The term amendment covers addition, deletion, substitution & modification of these by-laws.

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